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8 the most anticipated features in iOS 9

Every year since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple releases a new version of mobile operating system. The same will happen this time: in a week we will meet with iOS 9, about innovations which will be discussed at the developer event WWDC 2015.

Many are wondering what new abilities will have iOS 9. Observers do not expect to hear presentations on any revelations. “Nine” is not focused on attracting new functions, and the deliverance of the operating system from errors, optimize its underlying components, improving stability and acceleration performance, strengthening security issues. The platform will be optimized to work with legacy devices. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the functions that are expected in iOS 9.


In the new service, codenamed Proactive Apple intends to merge calendar, contacts, Siri, Passbook and maps with augmented reality. The project, according to rumors, so large and ambitious that several top managers of the company proposes to introduce this functionality in parts. Analysts believe that this will be a serious competition to Google Now. The challenge will be a Proactive intelligent scheduling of the day the user that the system will draw, for example, processing the information from his e-mail. Also this service will be to study the behavior of the owner of the gadget. For example, if on duty to start a new day with a visit to a website full of quotes and subsequent short report to the authorities, the system will quickly learn this “habit”. And will self at the right time to collect data and generate statements.

Proactive will also work with built-in Apple maps, displaying meaningful to the user space using augmented reality interface. Thus, it will be able to show places and sights after pointing the camera at the site of the street. Proactive will support both Apple apps and third-party developers.

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Apple music service Music

Novelty key iOS 9 will become Apple’s Music – subscription service streaming music broadcasts, based on service Beats Music, which Apple acquired in 2014, giving us $ 3 billion. It is believed that for access to all the music collected in the iTunes store will be charged in the amount of $ 8-10 per month. Apple Music also invite deep social integration: players can create their own separate sections in the service, which will publish examples tracks, photos, video, graphics, concerts and other interesting fans information.

Split screen

Rumors that Apple plans to implement tablets function “split screen”, go long. The delay by the idea of mnogokanalnosti on the iPad could be hardware related: go to the Apple with a relatively modest amount of RAM. A similar, more efficient use of usable area display iPad is aimed, obviously, in direct competition with Windows tablets, the Microsoft Surface family, by offering Snap parallel addressing multiple applications to improve work productivity.

It is assumed that their actual use of the split screen will find 12-inch models, known as the iPad Plus or iPad Pro, given a space of their screens, comparable to laptops. According to the results of tablets will be even closer to the unrealized goal of complete replacement of portable computers.

App for smart house Home

iOS 9 will bring a new Home. With its help you detect and configure compatible with HomeKit devices “smart” home. In Apple implements the functionality to create virtual spaces to provide a more convenient organization of work with devices. Turning to Siri, users will be able to remotely control their homes from a smartphone or tablet.

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The role of the hub will perform Apple TV new generation with library functions to connect to a unified smart home devices. To ensure these innovations, the console will update computing platform A8 and will significantly increase the disk space.

In General the ideal “smart house” looks such dwelling in which, when the iPhone owner returns from work, the doors are unlocked, lights turn on, the air conditioner starts, the music center puts your favorite song, and microwave oven starts to heat up food.

Support Force Touch

Force Touch allows you to recognize pressing power and using it to empower management system. New iPhone will get a display with support for this technology. Initially, the support Force Touch will get a standard iOS app 9: Weather, Maps, Safari, Calendar. In the future, Apple will open up APIs to developers, so in the future for many third-party applications the display with Force Touch will not be strangers.

In preset programs, it will look like this: the more the user will press the rewind button on the player, the faster the rewind will occur. The same applies to media player – when a strong pressing to speed up the scrolling speed of the video. In Maps feature will allow you to put labels, and in the calendar to add new events. In any text program press on the screen with force will cause the window translator – will eliminate the need for additional clicks.

There is information about that Force Touch will be embedded not only in smartphones, but also future models of tablet PCs of the company.

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Multiplayer mode

Another important feature of iOS 9 will support accounts. This feature will allow multiple users to share iPhone and iPad, but have access only to their applications, documents, social networking accounts, as is happening now on the Mac. This feature is particularly important for businesses and educational institutions.


One of the major innovations in the field of security iOS 9 system will become Rootless, prohibiting access to change important system files even for a user with administrator rights. Technology developed to combat malware and viruses, increase the security extensions and save your important data intact. Rootless will become a serious obstacle to jailbreak.

Improved maps

iOS 9 should finally give a map and navigation application Maps the route planning for public transport. In September 2012 Apple has released iOS 6, which Apple refused the services of Google Maps. Since then has passed a lot of time, but the service Cupertino is still not without problems. Be that as it may, users will have the opportunity to plan trips around the city on buses, subways and trains, to find out their schemes and schedules.

Apple Maps will focus on mapping the inside of buildings, in order to simplify the navigation in large locations like airports, office towers, shopping malls. I had to resort to the automatic robot with a Bluetooth iBeacon sensors that are traveling within unknown areas, collect the desired information.

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