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8 technologies that Apple has declared war on WWDC

Each time, announcing their new software, the Apple comes on the territory of the developers of third-party applications. So it was with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, so it will be with iOS 9 and desktop platform OS X El Capitan. MacDigger offers a selection of applications and services that take the risk to leave a well-deserved rest after the release of the final versions of the mobile and desktop operating systems Apple.

Spotify/Google Music/Pandora

At the front of applications and services for iOS Apple obviously decided to declare war at once all competitors. The star of WWDC 2015 should recognize Apple music service Music. This is a logical step for Apple is the largest seller of music on the Internet that allows you to compete with subscription services, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora.

During the first three months of service is free, then an individual subscription for $9.99 per month, and a family subscription for six users $14.99 per month.

By the way, other music services such as Spotify and Rdio, there is also a family subscription, but they cost more: $14,99 for two or the $29.99 for five users. However, as we know, competition is very good, especially for consumers. The head of Department on public relations Spotify Jonathan Pryce has managed to state the following: “we have a similar family subscription in some markets, we plan to bring the prices to a competitive level in all regions in the near future.”


Within the Apple Music service Apple launches the Connect platform to interact with the artists. It aggregates the publication of musicians with songs, pictures and news from a variety of sources into a single tape. Apple Music also offers users personalized recommendations and compilations of similar musicians. A similar concept promotes German service SoundCloud, which is a streaming music service and audio networking social in one bottle.


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With the launch of iOS 9, Apple has encroached on Evernote. Significant functional improvements that touched the mobile application “Notes”, are going to take away the bread (well, or at least a piece of the pie) from the popular service notes. In epplovskom the application now allows text formatting, easily create task lists with marks save information in notes from Safari and other apps and the new browser allows you to view embedded images, videos, location, links, etc. in one place, without requiring the user to remember which post they were attached. Of course, notes are synced with all devices current Apple ID account using iCloud.

Google Maps

Apple strongly brought out of the shadow maps Apple Maps with the routes of public transport with regard to the outputs and transitions. When you build a route they can now offer a way of combining a trip on the metro, commuter trains and buses with Hiking, and a new feature allows you to find Nearby restaurants, bars, shops and more. Double blow for Google Maps and Foursquare — but let’s hope that by angry Apple Maps drivers will not increase disgruntled passengers using the metro and buses. However, to evaluate the work of the novelties will only be in the US and China.


iPhone 6 was a big success for Apple, which thanks to him set records for the volume of shipments of smartphones on the market and their capitalization. The fruits of this success, Apple is not averse to entice as many users as possible with competing Android platform, and to facilitate the process of transition has developed an application Move to iOS.

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The program should give the opportunity to transfer your contacts, message history, photos, and videos, browser bookmarks, accounts, email services, calendars, Wallpaper, not DRM-protected audio files and books. The free app from Google must be replaced with counterparts from the Apple App Store, if any. Paid applications on the Android will be added to the wish list of the user in the App Store.

Google Now

At WWDC 2015 was announced analogue of Google Now, which was named Proactive Assistant and is part of iOS 9. As the name implies, this innovation is intended to make the new operating system iOS 9 proactive in the literal sense of the word. Now Apple mobile device will be able to predict user actions, using a variety of information (data location, the time, the list of open applications, etc.). For example, waking up in the morning and the first thing picking up the iPhone, the user will find the list of apps compiled for iOS based on the characteristic of the time and location of action.

Proactive Assistant was a response to Google Now is one of the best innovations of the Android platform over the past few years.


Another new world developers conference was the news app. Program multimedia news content, is chosen according to the tastes of the user who was clearly inspired digital magazine Flipboard. On its own publishing platform Apple News Format already agreed to go out publications Conde Nast media holdings, ESPN and The New York Times.


“Our goal is to replace the wallet and we’re well on that path,” said Jennifer Bailey, announced the expansion of Apple Pay. Payment system in iOS 9 has added support for loyalty programs, cards issued by stores, and store all the data the user will be able in the Wallet app (former Passbook). But the key March Apple is launching in Europe: July Apple Pay will work in 250 retail outlets in the UK and will pay for trip to London’s public transport.

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