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8 reasons why you will not be able to abandon the iPhone in favor of Android

Modern technology, including mobile platforms, are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Today Android is no longer playing the role of “catching up” operating system, offering its users many unique features not available on iOS. Despite this, there are a number of features of the Apple platform that allows owners of “Apple” technique to not even think about how to use an Android smartphone as a primary device. We offer you 8 reasons why this is happening.


Operating system Apple is really a pleasure to use. It is simple and at the same time universal. Just imagine how much effort requires the creation of an operating system that is equally well suited for both novice and advanced users.

Quality software

When it comes to the quality of the software, iOS has no equal. Google professes a different approach to software development and much less restricts developers. For this reason, the software in Google Play do not always meet the required quality standards. Most users not the quantity, and the simplicity, efficiency and reliability. And for these indicators the iOS apart from the competition.

The speed and smoothness of work

Android is making more progress with every new release, but some aspects still can not come close to iOS. A striking example — scrolling content on the screen: on the “phones” it is often fraught with lag and “stuttering”. Any user of iPhone 6s or earlier models will tell you that on Apple devices there are no such problems.

Regular updates

The vast majority of iPhone and iPad get new updates almost immediately after release. Waiting for the new firmware Android users can last for years.

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Just look at the statistics: to date, 76% of compatible devices were updated to iOS 9, the most popular version on devices with OS is Google Android 4.4 KitKat, released in 2013.

All Android applications have Google on iOS

Google apps are extremely popular, and this part of Apple’s inferior competitor. Google is trying to be everywhere, to be present on the most possible platforms, including on iOS. Information is their business. Apple, in turn, strives to sell the best devices, on these devices there was the best software services. Cupertinos have only one iOS, but in this system all available Android-Google services: mail, search, maps and even Google Now assistant.

Exclusive Apple services

Apple offers iPhone and iPad unique service: messaging in iMessage, iCloud synchronization, audio and video calls FaceTime, a service for finding gadgets “Find my iPhone”, “Find friends” and so on.

The priorities of the developers

The vast majority of applications available for both Android and iOS. But do not forget that with Apple software products appear much earlier. This applies to not only independent developers, but also major studios: for several reasons the development versions for iOS is a higher priority than the versions for Android.

Apple Watch

If you like Apple Watch, then you have no choice: you will enjoy iPhone. Many beginners gadget causes a skeptical attitude, but it eventually passes and without a wearable computer Apple many it is difficult to imagine their lives.

Despite the abundance of models of “smart” clock on Android Wear, none of them can offer the same functionality and ease of operation. What will happen when Apple will release the second generation of Apple Watch?

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