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8 reasons for Apple to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C in iPhone 8

03.01.2017 0 Comments

It is known that Apple is testing iPhone prototypes 10 8, among which is the model with USB interface-C. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood that instead of the Lightning connector the next generation “Apple” smartphone will be equipped with a USB-C port. Followed by the universal interface will go and other Apple gadgets – iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Keyboard, etc.

8 reasons for Apple to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C in iPhone 8

One of the confirmations of Apple’s plans to abandon the Lightning in favor of USB-C obtained after running AirPods. On the case charger headphone cutout connector was significantly higher at just under the size of a USB C. it is Obvious that the design of the design of the charging case for AirPods until the last moment it was planned to use USB-C and not Lightning.

Now the Apple was in a difficult situation. If she eventually decides to translate all of their gadgets to USB-C, it is unclear what needs to be done users AirPods. If the company will continue to use Lightning, do not understand the owners of MacBook and MacBook Pro. In any case, Apple has a few good reasons to go with the Lightning-to-USB-C.

1. Bet on the new standard

Inside the Apple ecosystem confusion. 12-inch MacBook and new MacBook Pro connectors a USB C. It is used both for charging and for connecting peripherals. However, mobile devices work with Lightning. Introduction one of the standard interfaces will be output.

8 reasons for Apple to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C in iPhone 8

2. 5 years is enough to abandon the Lightning

iPhone 8 will be released in late 2017 – five years after the launch of the Lightning. This period is sufficient in order to Apple could save face by abandoning the proprietary interface.

3. Benefits for consumers

USB-C profitable as Lightning from the point of view of cost of accessories and in terms of convenience. Cables, docks, adapters will be compatible with all devices regardless of platform. With USB-C in iPhone 8, you can use the cables from Android smartphones, MacBook and so on. IPhone owners will be available to a wider range of headphones. This will simplify life in work, play and beyond.

8 reasons for Apple to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C in iPhone 8

4. Apple is switching to new standards gradually

For example, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in 2013, appeared at first only in the iPhone 5s. Then the company extended the technology to other models and types of devices. Dimensions USB-C is very close to the Lightning compactness will allow you to use plug in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, keyboard, mouse, etc.

5. USB-C is better Lightning

Apple switched from the 30-pin connector to the Lightning for a number of reasons: higher capacity, higher speed data transfer, compact size, symmetry. USB-C combines all these qualities and provides a number of advantages, including support for faster charging and the ability to use the gadget with USB-C to charge the batteries of other devices. USB-C can be used for almost anything: for connection of “flash drives”, monitors, external hard drives and other peripheral devices, for charging and to transfer videos, etc.

8 reasons for Apple to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C in iPhone 8

6. Total Mac music equipment

Apple devices are widely used by musicians. Thanks to the universal connector, the company will make life easier for the professionals who will be able to easily use the equipment with both MacBook and iPhone and iPad.

7. Europe requires the introduction of the universal connector

Europe can play a role in the transition to the Apple USB C. Recently the country has reached a preliminary agreement on introduction of the universal charger suitable to any mobile device, including smartphone. When the law will come into effect, Apple will be obliged to make their products compatible with the USB standard. The cupertinos have to release a special version of gadgets with a universal interface, or refuse from the sales of the iPhone and iPad in Europe.

8. USB-C is an Apple invention

Universal interface, which serves both for charging, data transfer, and monitors, is an invention of the company from Cupertino. At least so says well-known journalist John Gruber. Apple became the initiator of the “future USB”.

“I heard, can’t tell from whom, what USB-C is the invention of the Apple and that she gave it to the standardization bodies. But the policy of the organization is such that it does not mention the names of the inventors. Apple itself also cannot announce it publicly. But this development of Apple and “Apple” the company promoted this standard.”

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