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8 of the best browsers for iPhone and iPad

The Safari browser included with the operating system iOS, sets a high standard. Having an unlimited number of tabs and syncing with other Apple devices, it suits many users, but nothing noteworthy shows. If you need more advanced features (traffic compression, translation, gesture control or plug-ins, ad blocker, you can choose something else, and access to the app catalog App Store allows it. How to choose the browser to their liking — read the article MacDigger.

Google Chrome

Mobile Chrome’s got all the signature features from its older brother. In the program you can open and switch between an unlimited number of tabs, use the address bar Omnibox for search and navigation, sync bookmarks and open tabs with Chrome version for PC. The traffic compression reduces the amount of downloaded data and to accelerate the loading time of pages, and integration with the Google Translator provides the ability to perform automatic translation of the pages in Russian.

In addition, Google Chrome users have the option to use voice search and Apple Handoff. In the technology Handoff, you can switch from device to device and pick up right where you left off. For example, if people started to read a web page on your smartphone, but wants to finish reading on the tablet — it will be such an opportunity. Or switch from a tablet to a computer to continue the correspondence in Vkontakte.


Dolphin Browser is an advanced alternative to the standard web browser Safari on the iPhone and iPad. He offers a new approach to web surfing on mobile devices, with support for gestures, technology Webzine, side panels.

Dolphin Browser has a lot of advantages with no significant gaps. Thanks to the abundance of features, a pleasant and friendly interface, and overall functionality overall, the browser deserves special attention. There are 9 variants of user interface design: Cloud, Revolve, Sky, Night, Color, and other.

Opera Coast

Users of iOS devices can not waste time waiting for download the mobile video and significantly reduce the cost of Internet traffic, thanks to videoscoralie in Opera Coast. Function videoscoralie reduces the buffering time by reducing the size of video data. And thanks to the introduction of Rocket Optimizer technology, videoscoralie also save on mobile Internet.

The discover feature in Opera Coast helps you quickly get the latest news from around the Internet: when the user opens the search in a web browser, in the upper part of the screen he sees a constantly updated news feed. In addition, the program provides the ability to quickly share interesting content via email, messenger and social networks (including Facebook, Vkontakte, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line, etc.). Opera Coast won’t change your life, but to entertain and inform you he will cope with it perfectly well.

iCab Mobile

In the opportunities list iCab Mobile – download files and a built-in email client that allows you to download files and send emails without having to switch to an external application, auto-fill web forms, built-in filters and ad blocker, download Manager, smart scrolling, back to surfing the web, guest mode, Dropbox support for sharing content and AirPrint for printing web pages.

An enumerated list is far from complete. Fans to dig into the settings to discover, for example, mode disable load images, password protection, advanced set search services and control the browser with hand gestures. And in the latest versions of iCab Mobile now supports gesture-drawings and a number of new actions that you can perform in this way.


“Yandex.The browser is integrated with the web services of the company and based on the open source WebKit and Chromium. Mobile browser simplifies the search of information through a single line for web addresses and search queries. So, in answer to the query “avito washing machine” “Yandex.The browser will open the desired website or his section, bypassing the search results. Frequent sites are collected on a “Scoreboard”. For a number of requests from mobile devices the browser would give a straight answer — videos, news, pictures, fragment of cards, numbers or facts.

In a recent update program acquired by the synchronization function open web pages and got a faster engine. Now open pages in Yandex.The browser automatically appear in a special section of the browser on the iPhone. For example, finding a site with the right information, you can continue to get acquainted with it on the road or in a cafe and not spend time on re search.

Night Web Browser

The Night browser Web Browser designed for easy work with Internet content in the evening. The application developer cites research that claims to look to the blue screen before bed is bad because it reduces the production of melanopsin, a hormone that is responsible for healthy sleep. To solve the developers offer in the evening automatically reduce the illumination of the screen. The application changes the backlight automatically, using the local time of the device.

Red Onion

Users of Apple products have the ability to make surfing the web anonymously using a web browser the Red Onion running through the TOR network. The cost of the program in the App Store is 59 rubles, and 10% of each purchase goes to support Foundation TOR Project and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

As a result, the iPhone and iPad traffic is tunneled through the TOR network and the user gets a chance to hide your IP address, have access to the Internet from behind firewalls and to sites located in TOR-network, to change the HTTP User Agent, as well as the flexibility to configure the cookie.


It is no secret that after the release of the first iPad, many users wondered – And how to watch online videos? Because HTML5 in the direction of which made the move, the guys from Cupertino, was not yet so developed, and now he is not well popularized. What can you do? Here’s the “warning in advance” skilled programmers, creating Puffin Web Browser. He knows how to work with Adobe Flash, though, and with the help of cloud computing.

Apart from native support of Flash, the browser boasts high speed of browsing web pages, protection of cloud-based information storage, the virtual touch panel and joystick, support for extensions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, Translator and others) and incognito mode.

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