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8 iPhone: why Apple will not abandon in favor of Lightning USB C

07.05.2017 0 Comments

In the February edition of the Wall Street Journal citing unnamed sources reported that Apple is considering to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB C. It was about the next generation smartphones iPhone. The transition to the new connector, of course, will be consequences for users of Apple technology. But chances are the company is not going to do this year. And here’s why.

8 iPhone: why Apple will not abandon in favor of Lightning USB C


Almost all modern smartphones are equipped with a universal USB Type-C. But even in its current form, Lightning is not inferior to USB. Controller Fresco Logic FL1100SX 12.9-inch iPad Pro allows 29-watt USB adapter-C, which comes with a 12-inch MacBook and will charge 3 times faster than the included adapter.

8 iPhone: why Apple will not abandon in favor of Lightning USB C

Thus, even for the future of the iPhone with the latest technologies, the Lightning interface is a great solution.

The connection type will have less value if Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 8 wireless charging. In this case, the company does not make sense to hurry with the transition to USB-C.

Data transfer rate

Theoretically USB-C far ahead in Lightning speed data transfer. However, the Apple interface is under certain circumstances able to transmit data at speeds of USB 3.

8 iPhone: why Apple will not abandon in favor of Lightning USB C

While this speed was achieved on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with adapter, Lightning to USB 3 for connecting the camera. Due to the above-mentioned controller Fresco Logic FL1100SX. That is, in future iPhone transfer rate can grow, but the device will remain with a proprietary Apple connector.

In addition, the company makes every effort to detach gadgets from computers. Many now use to sync over Wi-Fi instead of a wired connection. Another popular way of data transfer to iCloud.

Given the desire of Apple to switch completely to wireless technologies, the need for a USB-C is reduced.


Not long ago, experts carried out testing of Lightning cables and USB C. while the wire have the same strength, Lightning is a significant advantage over the USB-C, if we are talking about damage to the metal connector.

8 iPhone: why Apple will not abandon in favor of Lightning USB C

When there is such breakage, inside an iPhone or iPad remains a metal connector. After removing the device from the gadget continues to operate as before, both when charging and during data transfer.

With USB-C the situation is different. Failure of the metal connector often causes the deformation of the contacts inside the connector and causes the port to become unusable.

Simple solution to the problem does not exist

Inside the Apple ecosystem there is a complex situation. On the one hand at the 12-inch MacBook and new MacBook Pro connectors a USB C. It is used both for charging and for connecting peripherals. However, mobile gadgets, Apple is still working with Lightning.

8 iPhone: why Apple will not abandon in favor of Lightning USB C

If Apple will move to USB-C, it will be a headache for users of Apple gadgets even if the price the company will provide a low-cost adapter.

The transition iPhone to a USB-C is inevitable, but probably not this year. In 2015, Apple has made the painful migration to this connector in the MacBook. Given the General dissatisfaction, the company may need much more time to do the same with a more popular product.

The main goal of Apple is to facilitate user transition to the new connector. If this cannot be done technically, we need to propose a feature that would justify refusal in favor of the Lightning USB C. If the next iPhone will charge up to 100% in 20 minutes, there is no doubt users will forgive Apple the mess with cables and adapters.

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