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8 iPhone forced Chinese companies to unite for the sake of survival

10.01.2017 0 Comments

More data says in favor of using AMOLED panels in the iPhone 8. Several Chinese manufacturers have decided to form a consortium to provide the supply of AMOLED displays for their own products. They fear monopolization of the Apple supply such panels for smartphones from Japanese manufacturers and Samsung Display.

8 iPhone forced Chinese companies to unite for the sake of survival

Usually Apple orders large volumes of components for the iPhone due to high user demand, which small companies cannot take advantage of the supply of the same producers. A similar situation happened with Sony, which in 2015 was so busy producing cameras for iPhone that can meet the demand of Chinese customers is only half. This greatly affects the schedule of development of devices, forcing manufacturers to reduce their production or to use other designs.

It is expected that the same situation will arise with AMOLED displays in 2018-2020. According to rumors, Apple and Samsung have already signed long-term contract to manufacture and supply a huge number of flexible screens. High volume production of panels for “Apple” company will prevent other brands to provide the necessary number of components for its products.

8 iPhone forced Chinese companies to unite for the sake of survival

Hoping to avoid similar problems, the Chinese company OPPO, Vivo, Huawei and LG are planning to join and invest in OLED screens Royole.

If Apple will switch to AMOLED displays in their smartphones and tablets, the demand for these panels will remain very high in the coming years, from-for what Chinese brand can lose its competitive advantage.

According to some, Royole will also expand its AMOLED production capacity to 45,000 units monthly in 2017-2018 and is going to deploy a production line of 5.5-generation in Shenzhen.

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