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8 features that will allow iPhone 8 easily surpass the Samsung Galaxy S8

This year, Apple will show the world your new anniversary flagship iPhone 8 with display “edge to edge” and support for wireless charging. The device is designed to compete with the new South Korean flagship, the Galaxy S8 with “unlimited” OLED display and the scanner of the iris.

Apple could be taken into account in the preparation iPhone 8, to new product could easily outshine the Samsung devices? We offer you the top 8 improvements that can give the advantage to the new flagship iOS device.

1. Radically improved camera

Galaxy S8 camera improved compared to the previous model, not drastically. To highlight the iPhone 8, it could be along with increased resolution and sensitivity range to add optical image stabilization for the second camera.

2. AR instead of VR

The Samsung focus on virtual reality support, and Apple could pay more attention to the augmented — in fact, judging by the success of Pokemon Go, users are more interesting to look at the world through a smartphone screen than to use special helmets.

3. Built-in display, fingerprint scanner

Apple should not repeat the mistake of Samsung, which has placed the fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S8 on the back panel near the camera. First, it is not the most convenient location of the module, and secondly, when you try to use it it’s easy to miss and stain the lens.

4. Improved Siri

Samsung has integrated voice assistant Bixby, allowing you to identify objects in the camera lens of the smartphone. Apple could do the same with Siri, but providing greater ease of use.

5. iOS 11

Galaxy S8 proposed an updated, more intuitive user interface. Significantly rework the iOS will have the Apple, if the rumors that the company will release a iPhone with the screen curving at the edges.

6. Real wireless charging

Galaxy S8 can be charged wirelessly, but only if you put your gadget on the charger. If Apple will offer wireless charging working at a distance — say, if the iPhone could charge in your pocket when you’re near a charger, this would be a significant advantage of the “Apple” of the device.

7. AirPods included

Package Galaxy S8 includes a high quality wired headphones AKG. To win, Apple could offer the iPhone 8 with a couple of wireless headphones AirPods.

8. Capacious battery

Judging by the tests, the Galaxy S8 is running on battery power for about 9 hours. If the iPhone 8 will increase this figure at least 10-12 hours, it will become obvious plus.

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