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8 features Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which can undermine sales of the iPhone 8

In the design of their smartphones Samsung is trying to focus on technological equipment, and future Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be a combination of all the latest technological developments. There will be a waterproof case, and a “smart” stylus and scanner of the iris. According to journalists of Business Insider, compared the hypothetical flagship Samsung with at least a hypothetical jubilee Apple, there are at least eight points according to which the Galaxy Note 8 will beat the iPhone 8. MacDigger offers to see the list.

1. The size of the display

The advantages and disadvantages of LCD and AMOLED technology with the Galaxy Note 8 8 on iPhone it is not. Both top-end smartphone is expected to feature a display on organic light emitting diodes. But the size of display panel Korean will come. 8 iPhone screen diagonal of 5.8 inches will occupy almost the entire front side, so the manufacturer will be able to fit a larger screen in a relatively compact package. However, the Galaxy Note 8 is a 6.3-inch display with a resolution Quad HD.

2. Curved screen

Design — a matter of taste. One looks like the iPhone, the other Samsung. But the Galaxy Note 8 has a more refined style. In particular, the signature curved display edge. The design of the iPhone 8 will change radically: the display will occupy almost the entire front panel, but will remain flat. Due to the curved edges the Samsung will look sleeker than the new Apple.

3. The Pen S Pen

Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped with a digital pen S Pen, which will be waterproof and will be of better sensitivity, faster response times, and small tip which is in size close to a standard ballpoint pen. Advanced feather enables you to perform tasks faster. According to rumors, the display of the iPhone 8 will support Apple Pencil, but its capabilities are severely limited compared with the S Pen.

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4. 6 GB of RAM LPDDR4

It is expected that Samsung will install in Galaxy Note 8 RAM 6 GB, at the time, as the iPhone 8 will have to settle for 3 GB. But do not forget that the Android operating system requires more resources than iOS.

5. Dual camera

Galaxy Note 8 will receive a double main camera, similar to that used in the iPhone 8. Thus, according to the sources, the Koreans will have one big advantage in the form of a 13-megapixel lens, in addition to the 12 megapixel sensor. In addition to the 3 × optical zoom with optical image stabilization, the device will be able to shoot with both cameras at the same time. Allegedly, this will be one of the key innovations of “killer iPhone 8”.

6. A microSD card

Also, like its predecessor Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will receive support microSD card that can get exchange your smartphone data with a computer, making it faster and more productive. In addition, if necessary, available capacity gigabytes expands, opening up more possibilities for storage of necessary information. This Apple will never be able to compete with Android competitors, so in the iPhone to increase the memory without an overpayment can only be addressed to the Chinese craftsmen.

7. The ability to turn a smartphone into a computer

Samsung gives Galaxy Note 8 special operating mode Dex. In particular, along with the smartphone will be available docking station that will transform the phone into a full-fledged computer. The idea of DeX is simple and straightforward: you connect to the station peripherals and can use a large monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, external drive and much more with your phone.

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8. 3.5 mm audio Jack

Samsung is in no hurry to abandon the standard headphone Jack.

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