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8 features iPad Pro that were concealed by Apple

September 9, Apple announced the iPad tablet computer Pro – the main model since the launch of the first iPad in 2010, which opened a new perspective on tablets and provided a convenient tool for consumption and content creation. Senior Vice President of Apple Phil Schiller commented on the decision to increase to 12.9 inch display devices: “Why do you need larger display? You can touch to your documents, books, interact with any application. Such a device will allow you to do something that will not allow the iPhone because the tablet is not obliged to fit in your pocket, and something that will not be able to do the laptop, such as tablet does not need to be placed on any surface”.

In anticipation of the beginning of sales of new products scheduled for November of this year, MacDigger publishes a selection of hidden features of the device should be aware of every potential buyer of the iPad Pro.

1. The 3D display without Touch

The iPhone 6s has a new interface version multi-touch, augmented by technology to determine the pressing force 3D Touch, analogue Force Touch in the Apple Watch, as well as a feedback mechanism called the taptic Engine, which provides tactile response. Force Touch on your smartwatch brings up a popup menu, 3D Touch into iPhone offers more opportunities. For example, by pressing lightly on the message in the mail client of the iPhone shows previews of messages, and a strong — will open the email as usual. By firmly pressing on the app icon it will not start and will display a menu with the most frequently used functions. You would think that the new iPad Pro will be mounted display with 3D Touch, but no. Apparently, Apple was saving function up to second generation devices.

2. Stylus Apple Pencil is charging for a few minutes

Stylus Apple Pencil for iPad Pro contains the standard Lightning connector that can be inserted into the tablet for charging the device. Its design is slightly elongated so that the pencil could be recharged, even when worn on iPad Pro silicone case. Apple Pencil works on a single charge for 12 hours, however, and charged it very quickly — within 6 minutes. Charging for 15 seconds it will last for half an hour of work.

3. Lightning port allows you to charge other devices

Installed in iPad Pro Lightning port bidirectional. As USB C it allows not only to produce energy for charging the battery of the tablet, but also to charge other accessories. Still no Apple device is not equipped with bi-directional Lightning port. Perhaps his power will also be enough to charge your iPod and iPhone.

4. Apple Pencil is only compatible with the iPad Pro

Apple is not explained, but Apple Pencil will be compatible only with the iPad Pro. Work technologies that are applied to the stylus, is only possible when the display of a 12.9-inch tablet. Third party styluses that work with the previous iPad models compatible with the iPad Pro.

5. Support for third-party accessories

Apple will allow third-party manufacturers under the MFi program to release its own iPad Pro, which will connect to the device via Smart Connector is a new three-prong connector. Cheaper keyboards use Bluetooth connection — same as previous iPad models. Advantages connecting solutions are obvious — they do not require power from a separate battery and they will periodically lose the connection with the device. By the way, Logitech has introduced a thin and durable full-sized keyboard, Smart Keyboard, designed to extend the usability of the iPad Pro.

6. “Indestructible” keyboard

Brand keyboard for Apple iPad Pro has a special construction — without air gap between the keys and the housing. This means that you can not be afraid to be filled with fluid or what buttons will become clogged with dust or crumbs.

7. Weak camera

The iPad Pro has a camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels and aperture f/2.4. Sensor with the same characteristics used in the iPad Air 2. This camera can not boast of good quality images in low light conditions. The front camera of the iPad Pro makes photos with a resolution of 1.2 megapixels, so you can use it for shooting high-quality self will not work.

8. 4 GB OF RAM

Apple has been true to herself and did not disclose at the presentation of several key features of the iPad Pro. In particular, the unknown information about the RAM gadget. Share Adobe, which has already demonstrated several applications for the iPad Pro, including included in the package Creative Cloud new Photoshop Fix, Comp CC, and Photoshop Sketch. Between Adobe revealed the amount of RAM the iPad Pro, which, as it turned out, reaches 4 GB. Probably just as much need for simultaneous work with two Windows in Split View.

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