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8 facts about Apple TV that were concealed by Apple

One of the main events of the year in the world of high technology — the announcement of the new Apple mobile devices — ended. Finally it was announced a new Apple TV set top box that allows you not only to watch TV channels, but also to install various apps from the App Store, for example, Apple Music, and even play games on the TV.

Included with the device also includes a remote control with a touchpad, but if you want to “command” and streaming video and voice — in its operating system tvOS included Siri. Resource Mashable cited a number of facts about the new gadget, which is unknown to the General public.

1. The lack of support for 4K video

Despite the fact that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is able to shoot 4K video, to reproduce this content on the new Apple TV will not work. The device claimed to support content in Full HD and at 60 fps. it is Noteworthy that the technical characteristics of new items declared support for the new HDMI 1.4 port. He’s in a better way different from the old generation the opportunity to interact with the 3D video, and thereby 4K resolution at 30Hz. It is therefore possible that the ability to play video in ultra-high resolution will appear in one of the software updates the device – technical obstacles for this.

2. The size of the application is limited to 200 MB

The maximum size of apps for Apple TV fourth generation is limited to 200 megabytes. Really heavy program will be able to use the missing content with iCloud. In other words, after installing something or other CPU intensive app will constantly refer to “the cloud”: that is to reload in local memory, to remove something from there. How will this affect the performance of games and applications is not yet clear. For games restrictions 200 MB no.

3. Strap for remote sold separately

Many owners of the new Apple TV will probably have to buy a special strap for the remote. According to Apple, it allows you to protect the screen from accidental slipping of the manipulator during an active game. “If you get too creative (and most likely will happen), you can purchase a wrist strap, so as not to drop the remote control during the game,” explains Apple. The strap for the Remote Loop is connected to the Lightning connector, sold separately from the device. The cost of the accessory in the Apple has not yet named.

4. Non-expandable memory

Apple TV fourth generation is sold in two version with 32 or 64 GB of flash memory. Unlike most competitors, “Apple” product doesn’t have a memory card slot and the USB port do not connect the external drive. This interface is designed to restore the firmware.

5. Remote control with batteries

Remote control for Apple TV previous generations, powered by a normal battery. In the panel of the new model has a built in battery that is charged from a USB port via a standard Lightning cable.

6. The lack of optical audio out

Apple in the new generation Apple TV has decided to abandon the optical audio than notably upset audiophiles. According to the page description of the gadget on the official website, and sound and image are transmitted only through the HDMI.

7. HDMI cable sold separately

Complete with a new Apple TV no cable to connect the device to the TV. In one version of this is due to the desire of Apple to reduce the size of the packaging device. In any case, in addition to a set-top box, customers new items you will have to purchase an HDMI cable.

8. Support for eight-channel sound

For music lovers there is a real distraction in the form of support Dolby Digital Plus 7.1: coveted by lovers of good sound feature is available for a new generation Apple TV. It replaced the old technology that supports 5.1-channel system.

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