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8 “chips” iPad Pro, which will appear in the iPhone 7

In March, the media learned that the new iPhone 7 will get a more accurate plastic strip, behind which on the iPhone 6/6s are the antenna and lose the headphone socket. The thickness of the new device will be 6.1 mm, which is a millimeter thinner than the current version. This will be possible thanks to the reduced size of the Lightning port, which is compatible with existing peripheral devices and cables.

It is obvious that the iPhone 7 will inherit some of the recent innovations of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. If earlier advanced solutions smartphones got tablets Apple, but this year the opposite will happen. Many technology iPad Pro will be used in iPhone 7. The smartphone will go at least 8 features of the tablet.

1. Improved display with True Tone

Apple has improved the display a mini version of the iPad Pro in several respects. It is 25% brighter than the iPad Air 2 has a wider color gamut, allowing you to receive 25% more color saturation and 40% less prone to glare. In addition, the screen of the tablet supports the adaptation of the colour temperature True Tone.

9.7 inch iPad Pro for the first time in Apple devices is equipped with four ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the color of the screen to the ambient light.True Tone on the Apple’s smartphone is expected with the release of iPhone 7. This doesn’t even need to argue, the first movements in this plane the company has already done with Night Shift in iOS 9.3.

2. USB 3.0 support for Lightning

12.9-inch iPad Pro being used the host controller Fresco Logic FC1100 4-port USB 3.0, which allows the handset to support the data rate of the USB 3.0 level. This controller had not been previously used, none of the manufacturers of portable technology. In other current models of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad used the USB 2.0 standard (including the 9.7 inch iPad Pro). iPhone 7 needs to obtain Lightning-interface with support for USB 3.0 or even USB 3.1.

3. A more advanced camera

That the iPhone 7 will receive an advanced camera, you can not even discuss. iPad and iPhone Pro SE caught up with the quality of shooting iPhone 6s. The question is, will appear in the iPhone 7 double or improved single. Everything goes to the fact that in 4.7-inch modification will be the second variant and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus – the first.

If the new Apple smartphone will come with dual camera, Huawei, there is no doubt, will hasten to declare his superiority. The company was in a hurry to show the “double chamber” P9, but still not even begun selling the smartphone. The same thing happened last year with Huawei’s Mate which is endowed with a display with Force Touch technology. His announcement took place a week before the presentation of the iPhone 6s 3D Touch.

4. E-SIM map

Few people know that the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, presented together with iPhone SE server e SIM card in addition to a slot for conventional SIM cards. Own SIM card Apple embeds in tablets for the second year, but previously it was an ordinary SIM card, it can be removed and discarded. Now Apple has built a full eSIM directly to electronic components of a tablet. No doubt this is preparing for iPhone with e-SIM.

5. Model 256 GB

Statistics show that the use of iPhone, iPad and Mac freely is almost always less than half the internal storage, despite the availability of cloud-based services. Fans video in 4K resolution even 128 GB on a smartphone is rarely enough. For them, Apple will release iPhone 7 c 256 GB of memory. Most likely, we will see the following gradation — 32, 128 and 256 GB. A new generation iPad Pro is available in versions with 256 GB, so the appearance of this modification, iPhone looks more than logical.

6. Connector Smart Connector

On the rear panel of the iPhone 7 will have a new connector Smart Connector, with which the smartphone will have support for Smart Keyboard. Until now this feature was available only to users of iPad Pro. In the future, in addition to the proprietary Apple keyboard should be expected, and other interesting accessories for gadgets.

7. Additional speaker(s)

Almost all the supporters of removal from the upcoming iPhone with a 3.5 audio output assume that there will be a second stereo speaker. It will increase the volume of your music and make listening more enjoyable. However, he will not provide stereofonia while watching video or playing games. It is therefore possible that the iPhone 7 will be immediately installed four speakers on the analogy of the iPad Pro has two on bottom and two on top.

8. No mechanical switch to silent mode

In 2014, Apple released iPad Air 2, which was no Mute switch on the side panel. Tablets the company he is responsible for silent mode and lock rotation. But Apple has decided that it is not necessary. The same fate may befall the Mute button on the Apple smartphones. How often people use this toggle switch? This is another component of the device, which increases the size of the device and makes it less water resistant. A mechanical switch will replace the button in control center iPhone.

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