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8 beautiful Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Mac from Apple’s website

Apple releases software, smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, peripherals and other computer electronics. And in Cupertino to create Wallpaper – beautiful background images that look great on the desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Resource OSXdaily found in the section of the Apple website “Start new” eight unique background images in high resolution. The collection includes images of nature, weather and views of cities. The selection was quite interesting.

Searching for wild nature

For its project “Trail songs” by the Australian photographer Emma Phillips finds the most breathtaking views of the Australian desert. And then removes these stunning colors on the iPhone 6s. The olloclip lens Active Lens allows her to do incredibly detailed images from a distance, and in the Darkroom app it applies to photos own filter.

Compositions with a sense of wonder

Pictures of Jake Sargent give the opportunity to see travel through the eyes of a child. Photo project “Infinite potential” combines two photos taken on the iPhone 6s and United in Union app. Cleverly combining solar scene shot through a colored cloth, with a picture of their son, Jake conveys the admiration of the child the surrounding world.

Shooting from a new angle

Photographer Bernhard lang likes to shoot landscapes c great height. In the work of the Bird’s iView his desire rose to a new level. Bernhard holds a helicopter shot and then edits made on an iPhone 6s Plus photos in Adobe Photoshop Express. This change of perspective allows you to see the world from a completely different perspective.





Night metropolis

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