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75% of people prefer to work on iOS instead of Android, 72% Mac instead of the PC

The study showed that the companies in most cases prefer to use iOS devices and computers running macOS.

The company Jamf develops solutions for educational institutions and the private companies which help to optimize the workflow. On the website Jamf recently, a document with the results of the study “the Impact of device selection on the employee” (original – “The Impact of Device Choice on the Employee Experience”), which showed that three-quarters of people will choose as a workstation, iPhone, iPad, or Mac, if you offer them the options of the respective device categories.

The study involved 580 of Directors, managers and IT professionals.

When organizations give employees the opportunity to choose technology, the latter always prefer Apple. In organizations that give the choice, 72% of employees work with Mac, leaving the PC on 28%. 75% of respondents would choose an iPhone or iPad, leaving Android 25%.

The study also revealed some interesting facts about technology in the workplace. More than half of the respondents (68%) believe that the ability to choose the device increases the efficiency at work. For 35% of people the fact that they were given the choice, makes the company in which they work, a source of pride.

On this page there is a link to a PDF file with the study. To download the document you need to register.

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