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75% of all manufactured LG displays for smartphones are iPhone

The company LG Display produces almost 75% of its production for the iPhone, according to Korean publication Business Korea with reference to the published report, LG Display. Referring to the data analysts, the resource claims that LG is the second largest supplier of LCD panels for Apple’s smartphone.

LG Display supplies for 34.5% of all displays for phones from Apple, said in a company report. The leader of Japan Display remains responsible for the delivery of 35.9% of production, the third largest vendor – Sharp, who produces 29.6% of displays. Compared with last year, LG Display supplies increased by 5.7%, thus the company was ahead of Sharp in the number of shipped Apple displays.

According to a source, 74,7% of all manufactured by LG displays for smartphones are iPhone. That is, three quarters of all products of this segment LG sells to a single customer. For their own phones LG uses 19,4% of screens, and another 1.5% Microsoft acquires.

For comparison, Japan Display Apple sells only 47% of the production of displays, i.e. less dependent on American corporations.

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