Apple registered with TikTok

Recently, Apple has become more active in social networks. She has accounts on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. And now, it seems, Apple has registered in the popular TikTok service among young people.

Apple registered with TikTok

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On the popular TikTok video platform, the official Apple page has appeared. The account can be found by the @apple username on the website and in the TikTok application. However, while on the page there are no videos from Apple.

It is unclear how Apple plans to use its TikTok account. Perhaps there she will post videos from the series “Shot On iPhone”, as on Instagram, or maybe just make a stub account. It is noted that previously Apple has already placed its ads on the TikTok service, and therefore an account can be created for advertising purposes.

It should be noted that the TikTok service, created in China, has gained popularity not only in the homeland, but also around the world in a short time. It has been downloaded by more than one billion users.

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