What parts from iPhone 8 are suitable for the new iPhone SE (2020)

Specialists of the iFixit repair shop were once again among the first to gain access to the new Apple smartphone. Caught in their hands the brand new iPhone SE, they disassembled to the last screw and compared the stuffing with iPhone 8. It turned out that smartphones have not only external, but also internal similarities with each other.

What parts from iPhone 8 are suitable for the new iPhone SE (2020)

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The guys from iFixit carefully studied the internal components of the iPhone SE 2020 model year and told what details from the iPhone 8 can be safely put in a new smartphone. Smartphones have the same cameras, display, Taptic Engine, and SIM card tray. The remaining components, although very similar to each other, are not interchangeable. This applies not only to the Home button, but also to batteries, which, although they look the same, but their logic board connectors are different, which means that you can’t put a battery from iPhone 8 in the new iPhone SE and vice versa.

In general, iFixit was impressed with the fact that the new iPhone SE installed parts that are already in many repair shops. This means that there will be no problems with the repair and replacement of spare parts for the new smartphone, especially since most specialists are familiar with the process of opening and repairing the iPhone 8.

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