Named the most beautiful iPhone. You will be surprised!

The authors of the popular portal Reddit decided to find out which iPhone model ordinary users consider the most beautiful. They conducted a survey and found that most users do not like modern iPhones, but a more classic design.

Named the most beautiful iPhone. You will be surprised!

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The vast majority of users who participated in a survey on the Reddit forum voted for the iPhone 5, released back in 2012. To be more precise, the iPhone 5 in the black case is recognized as the most beautiful iPhone model. According to users, the iPhone 5 is not only the most beautiful, but also one of the most convenient smartphones in the range of Apple. Thanks to the aluminum case with straight edges and compact dimensions, it comfortably lies in any hand.

Interestingly, the successor to the iPhone 5 represented by the iPhone 5s did not receive such rave reviews from the survey participants. The whole thing
in that he did not come out in such a deep black color as the iPhone 5.

And which iPhone do you consider the most beautiful and convenient? Share your opinion in the comments!

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