The processor characteristics of the next iPhone are disclosed

What will be the iPhone 12? There was a chance to learn more about the new product. Data about its processor leaked to the network. The chip is called the Apple A14 and offers unique features.

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How reliable is the information? They were provided by Ice universe, a famous Chinese insider. Apple A14 lit up in the popular benchmark Geekbench 5. However, the likelihood of a fake is not excluded.

If Ice universe is right, then the Apple A14 has 6 cores. The maximum clock frequency is 3.1 GHz. This is the first Apple SoC so fast. Apple A13 Bionic slower at 400 MHz.

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Apple A14 is better in performance than its predecessor. The aforesaid is proved by testing in Geekbench 5. The product scored 4612 points in multithreaded mode and 1658 in single-threaded mode.

The processor characteristics of the next iPhone are disclosedImage from

The Apple A13 Bionic has only 3468 and 1330 points, respectively. The difference is obvious. Only the Apple A12X Bionic installed in the iPad Pro got a little closer. The record of the latter is 4607 and 1113.

There is nothing to oppose competitors from the Android world. The most current platform is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865. Her record at Geekbench is 3445 (Multi-Core) and 930 (Single-Core).

Against this background, Apple A14 stands out great. We hope that Ice universe did not lie. Whether the information is accurate, time will tell.

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