Apple sues Android install on iPhone

Recently, the Apple community literally blew up the news that enthusiasts managed to jailbreak the iPhone using an Android smartphone, and then completely install Google’s mobile operating system on the iPhone instead of iOS. Apple did not leave this unattended and decided to sue the specialists who carried out these described manipulations with the iPhone.

Apple sues Android install on iPhone

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Apple sued the startup Corellium, which developed a project to port Android to iPhone. The company accused the developers of copyright infringement and infringement of the trademark. Representatives of the startup have not yet commented on Apple’s lawsuit, but they previously stated that the company limits the choice of owners of iOS devices and criticized it for restricting the capabilities of users.

Recall, now software called Sandcastle, which allows you to hack the iPhone and install Android on it, is in beta testing. Now, in this way, you can change the firmware only on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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