Vulnerability in iOS Endangered Personal Information of iPhone Users

The personal data of millions of iPhone users around the world are at risk. This is due to a vulnerability in iOS discovered by a developer named Tommy Misk.

Vulnerability in iOS Endangered Personal Information of iPhone Users

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The programmer discovered that a vulnerability in the system allows applications to access data copied to the iPhone clipboard. Data from the clipboard can use any iOS-programs, including those created by hackers. Using this vulnerability, in the hands of attackers can be any information, including confidential information, for example, bank card information and various passwords. Moreover, this happens unnoticed by the user.

The developer said that he had informed Apple about the vulnerability found and asked that in future iOS updates applications ask the user for permission to use information from the clipboard, as is now happening, for example, with access to photos or contacts. However, the company refused, saying that this detected vulnerability is not a security problem and they do not plan to fix it.

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