iPhone 9 will bring Apple $ 12 billion

In March, after several years of expectations and rumors, Apple should finally release the successor to the iPhone SE. According to analysts, the new affordable smartphone, known as the iPhone SE 2, iPhone 9 and even just the iPhone, will be a real bestseller and will bring Apple a record profit.

iPhone 9 will bring Apple $ 12 billion

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A respected analyst, Min-Chi Kuo, in his new note to investors appreciated the prospects for the second-generation iPhone SE. According to his forecasts, only this year Apple will sell from 25 to 30 million iPhone SE 2. And given the starting price in the region of 399 dollars for a 64-gigabyte model, sales of the new smartphone will bring Apple up to 12 billion dollars. Agree, that sounds good?

According to rumors, the presentation of the new affordable iPhone is scheduled for March 31, and it will go on sale on April 3. However, coronavirus, which has already spread outside of China, can make changes to Apple’s plans.

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