The head of Apple hunts a maniac

Fame has a downside. Recently, Tim Cook, the head of Apple, was convinced of this. The top manager has a personal stalker. What happened said last fall.

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It all started with phone calls. More precisely – with voice messages. The latter was left by a man named Rakesh Sharma. Apple security experts described them as "disturbing."

2 such cases were recorded – September 25 and October 2. After which Sharma switched to active actions. He decided to meet with Cook in person. Therefore, December 4 went to Tim's home.

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Sharma took flowers and champagne with him. He managed to get through the closed gate. How? He climbed over the fence. Fortunately, Cook was not there.

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Soon, the man went into more strange affairs. For example, he began to post his nude pictures on Twitter. Apple CEO has been marked on them.

The second invasion took place on January 15, 2020. Sharma again made his way to Cook's house and rang the doorbell. Guards noticed him and called the police. The obsessive fan hid.

The story ended democratically. Apple complained to the Santa Clara Supreme Court. As a result, Sharma was forbidden to approach Cook. He also lost the right to visit Apple Park.

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The restrictions are temporary. They will be removed on March 3 (if it does without violations). Will the fan keep such measures? We will find out soon.

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