Stuck in Japanese quarantine issued 2 thousand iPhone

A curious story happened in Japan. The port of Yokagama now houses the Diamond Princess cruise ship. He quarantined on February 3. This is due to the coronavirus COVID-19.

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Earlier, one of the passengers of Diamond Princess got off in Hong Kong. This Chinese citizen was identified as COVID-19. There was a suspicion that the rest of the tourists are also sick.

As a result, Diamond Princess was forbidden to leave Yokagama. On board the ship – 3711 people. They are currently being tested for COVID-19 infection. Already 218 out of 771 samples were tested positive.

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What does Apple have to do with this? Formally, no. However, local authorities did something interesting. They delivered 2 thousand iPhone 6s to the ship. Each of them is equipped with a Softbank operator SIM card.

Stuck in Japanese quarantine issued 2 thousand iPhoneImage from

What for? Now all cabins have mobile communications. But most importantly, a medical application is installed on the iPhone 6s. This software pleases with a built-in chat with doctors.

The program provides round-the-clock support. Victims may consult with specialists from the Japanese Ministry of Health. For example, consult about taking medication.

Commendable initiative. Hopefully, it will make quarantine less painful.

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