All visitors to the Apple Store in China measure the temperature

In January, Apple Store branded stores across China went on forced vacations due to an outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan. But on February 10, five of them, located in the Beijing area, reopened their doors to visitors.

All visitors to the Apple Store in China measure the temperature

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By resuming the operation of the Apple Store in Beijing, Apple has strengthened security measures by limiting the maximum number of visitors that can be in the store at the same time. Also now, each customer is measured at the entrance to the store and examined for signs of fever. And the Apple Store employees clean all the demonstration devices on the trading floor at least twice a day and wash their hands thoroughly.

The Beijing Apple Store is open from 11am to 6pm local time. Other Apple stores in China remain closed. When they resume work depends on the situation with the coronavirus.

Note that Apple in China has more than 40 stores, which is slightly less than 10% of all Apple Store in the world. And quarantine imposed in China because of the epidemic, according to analysts, will negatively affect Apple's financial results this quarter.

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