Apple has removed the application that turns iPhone into iPod Classic from the App Store

A few days ago, the media talked about the Rewound application, with which users could turn their iPhone into iPod Classic. Soon after the app attracted so much attention, Apple decided to remove it from the App Store.

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Apple has removed the Rewound app from its App Store. According to the developers, the reason for the removal is that the company has a complaint about the player’s interface and charging for access to Apple Music. The fact is that Rewound follows the design of the signature iPod Classic player.

According to the creator of Rewound Louis Anslow, the application appeared on the App Store in September 2019 and managed to be downloaded more than 170 thousand times before its removal. The developer hopes to return the application to the App Store. He also plans to release a web version of his music application and client for Android devices.

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