Siri named the most popular voice assistant

Many will agree that voice assistants have greatly simplified our interaction with mobile devices. And some people can’t imagine their life without Siri, Alice or Google Assistant. And what kind of voice consultants are most often referred by users, analysts at Futuresource Consulting research company decided to find out.

Siri named the most popular voice assistant

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Futuresource Consulting specialists ranked the most popular voice assistants. He was led by Apple's Siri personal assistant, who first appeared in 2011 on the iPhone 4S. It controls 35% of the global market. In second place, to our surprise, was not Google Assistant, as you might have guessed, but Microsoft's voice assistant called Cortana. He owns a 22 percent market share. Analysts associate this popularity of Cortana with the fact that this assistant is installed on all computers running Windows 10.

Google Assistant owns only 9% of the voice assistant market. Even less, namely 4% of the market, is held by Amazon's Amazon assistant.

According to analysts, in 2019, sales of devices with installed voice assistants amounted to about 1.1 billion. And four years later, in 2023, their sales will overcome the mark of 2.5 billion units.

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