Hackers have found a way to steal passwords from the iPhone

Apple strictly monitors the safety of its gadgets. But sometimes exceptions happen. Crackers are trickier than developers from Cupertino.

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Elcomsoft, an iPhone hacking expert, excelled. Its specialists managed to create the iOS Forensic Toolkit utility. The program opens the locked "apple" phones.

iOS Forensic Toolkit provides access to user data. You can copy passwords to mail and much more. Although there are certain nuances. Not everything is so simple.

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Bypass protection iPhone allows vulnerability checkm8. It is hardware, iOS updates are not eliminated. Fortunately, the bug only threatens models with old processors. We are talking about chips from Apple A7 to Apple A11.

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Owners of the iPhone 11, iPhone XS and iPhone XR should not worry. They are not subject to checkm8. For others, the Elcomsoft novelty is dangerous. Even for devices in BFU mode.

iOS Forensic Toolkit requires jailbreak via DFU. After which the iPhone ceases to keep secrets. A real gift for hackers and special services.

Elcomsoft software is free to sell. For those who wish it will cost $ 1495.

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