One of the features of the iPhone 11 banned in Russia

Russia, as you know, has its own way. Not always compatible with Apple. A California company has been banned. Because of it, the iPhone 11 lost a cool feature.

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It's about supporting Ultra Wideband technology. The latter serves to transmit data over short distances. How did Apple implement it? The iPhone is pointing to another device and the process starts.

Conveniently. No need to search for a destination in the list. Alas, this does not threaten Russian users. What's the trouble? Apple has not received a license for the required frequencies.

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The American giant needs a 6 GHz band. Without it, Ultra Wideband does not work. This is a feature of the U1 chip installed in the iPhone 11. Unfortunately, Roskomnadzor refused Apple.

One of the features of the iPhone 11 banned in RussiaImage from

Why is permission not issued? No detailed information. Roskomnadzor claims that the case is in the military. Apple asks for frequencies important to the Department of Defense.

iPhone 11 can not compete with the army of the Russian Federation. Therefore, U1 in the "apple" flagship is not activated. In any case, in our country. The rest got an Ultra Wideband with the release of iOS 13.1.

Is it worth it to worry about? Yes – the technology is promising. Within 3 meters, the speed reaches 480 Mbps. Then the indicator drops to 110 Mbps (when removed to 10 m).

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