TOP 10 worst passwords of 2019

We all know very well that you cannot use simple passwords if you do not want to become a victim of hackers. However, many users still choose easily guessed passwords like 12345 or qwerty to log in to their account. They also use the same combinations for several accounts. This was reported by specialists of the company SplashData, specializing in the development of software for cybersecurity.

TOP 10 worst passwords of 2019

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From year to year, SplashData compiles the rating of the worst passwords and 2019 was no exception. In addition to simple numeric and alphabetic combinations, users often choose names, for example, donald (in honor of US President Donald Trump), the names of sports clubs, games and films. But the top ten worst passwords of 2019 look like according to SplashData:

I love you;

If you have one of these passwords installed, we recommend changing it to a more complex one as soon as possible. And if you’re afraid that you don’t remember a long password of letters and numbers, then use the password manager.

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