Apple will pay a million dollars for vulnerabilities in iPhone

The Apple ecosystem is considered one of the safest and most protected. But just as there are spots in the sun, vulnerabilities are periodically detected in Apple products. To make its services even safer, Apple invites everyone to search for vulnerabilities. Moreover, not just like that, but for a monetary reward.

Apple will pay a million dollars for vulnerabilities in iPhone

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Apple has decided to materially interest cybersecurity experts and is ready to pay up to one million dollars for vulnerabilities found in Apple services and software products. The minimum amount of remuneration is 25 thousand dollars. This is how much a developer can get who was able to gain limited unauthorized access to iCloud, gain access to confidential information bypassing the lock screen, or access some confidential data using an application that launches a command line. But for a maximum reward of $ 1 million, specialists who can carry out a network attack without user interaction can count on it.

In order to receive a reward, the specialist must first inform Apple of the vulnerability found by providing a detailed report. Another condition is that you cannot publicly announce a bug until Apple fixes it.

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