Apple named the best apps and games of 2019

December is the best time to take stock of the outgoing year. This is what Apple did. The day before, she named the best games and applications of 2019.

Apple named the best apps and games of 2019

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Every year in December, Apple publishes a list of the best games and applications of the year. And December 2019 was no exception. According to the results of 2019, Specter Camera was recognized as the best application for iPhone. This artificial intelligence program allows you to take long exposure photos. The award for the best game for smartphones Apple received a multiplayer quest called Sky: Children of the Light.

As for the iPad, the best application for them was Flow by Moleskine, an electronic notebook for notes and pictures. And the award for the best game was received by the creators of the pixel two-dimensional Action / RPG Hyper Light Drifter. The best Mac game of 2019 is GRIS, and the best app is Affinity Publisher.

Apple and the Apple Arcade game service launched this year also noted. The best game in Apple Arcade, the corporation named the musical action game Sayonara Wild Hearts.

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