Apple will solve the problem of affordable housing

Apple is one of the largest American investors. It supports not only promising technology startups, but also social projects. So, this week, Apple management announced that the company plans to invest a large amount in the construction of affordable housing in California.

Apple will solve the problem of affordable housing

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An official statement from Apple said that the company decided to allocate money to solve the housing crisis in California. The total investment over the next two years will be about $ 2.5 billion. Of these, 1 billion dollars will be directed to loans for the state and local construction companies, which will be engaged in the construction of housing for people with low and middle incomes. Another 1 billion will go to the mortgage fund for those who first buy housing. At the same time, emergency services, teachers and veterans are in priority for obtaining a loan. Apple will provide $ 150 million to support Gulf housing projects with Housing Trust, a non-profit organization. 50 million dollars from Apple will receive a charity fund Destination: Home, dedicated to helping homeless people. In addition, Apple will allocate almost 17 hectares of land in San Jose for the construction of affordable housing. On a plot worth about $ 300 million, 3800 housing units will be built.

Note that now people are forced to leave San Francisco, in connection with which the level of home ownership in the Gulf area has reached a minimum over the past seven years. This is due to the high cost of housing and Apple, following Google, Facebook and Microsoft, wants to help solve the problem of affordable housing.

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