Apple makes the most delicious pizza

Apple has a lot of talent. She produces smartphones, headphones, computers and so on. Her gadgets are loved and bought by millions of people. One iPhone is worth it.

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However, the company showed hidden talent. It turned out that in Cupertino they bake the best pizza. If not in the world, then in the USA for sure. Prepare it in the cafeteria of the Apple Park campus (opened a couple of years ago).

Those who tried do not hold back the senses. They claim to be the tastiest in the States. Cheese stretches, the sauce is incomparable. Fans of the food are enchanted.

The price varies from 7 to 8 dollars (depending on the composition). Incredibly cheap. Regular establishments ask for up to $ 19. Is Apple Saving?

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No. The point is limited access. Only employees can buy food at Apple Park. Food at headquarters is not distributed free of charge. The fee is debited from a special card. Outsiders do not.

The only chance for visitors is a treat. Nobody forbids Apple developers to share with friends. Which sometimes happens (to the delight of guests of Apple Park).

In addition, pizza has an impressive box. Packaging is even patented. It stores heat for a long time and removes moisture. The whole chip in a special cover design.

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Steam exits through a series of openings. The above prevents spoilage of the product in the container. As they say – all ingenious is simple.

As for the recipes, they are traditional. Apple does not use "secret" ingredients. Another thing is that ovens are used for cooking.

For authenticity, a wood-burning stove is recommended. Alas, it was not possible to install a similar one in Apple Park.

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