Apple Watch named the most popular smart watch in Russia

Svyaznoy, one of the largest Russian digital electronics chains, named the most popular smart watches and bracelets among compatriots. Retailer experts also calculated how many wearable gadgets were sold in the country during 2019.

Apple Watch named the most popular smart watch in Russia

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According to the estimates of Svyaznoy, in 2019, Russians bought 3.1 million wearable devices for a total of 19.4 billion rubles, which is two times more than in 2018. 57% was accounted for by various fitness bracelets, 26% of sales were smart watches, and the remaining 17% went to watches for children.

As for the most popular brands of wearable devices, there are several leaders. In the segment of fitness trackers, the leadership is held by the Chinese company Xiaomi. It is followed by the brands Honor and Jet. And the most popular smartwatch among Russians remains a variety of models of Apple Watch.

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