IOS 13.3 beta 1 released. What's new?

Still not tired of endless updates? Then meet the next version of iOS 13. It's about just released iOS 13.3 beta 1. Apple continues to bring the platform to mind.

IOS 13.3 beta 1 released. What's new?Iupdate youtube image

Beta iOS 13.3 public – offered to everyone. It is enough to have a tester profile. The update weighs about 3.5 GB (depending on the device). Is it worth it to download?

iOS 13.3 beta 1 deserves close attention. At least – due to bug fixes. For example, a bug with RAM has disappeared. Applications are no longer unloaded from RAM.

In iOS 13.2, programs crash when switching. Let's say you watch YouTube and decide to reply to the letter. Return to the video does not work, progress is lost. The player will restart.

IOS 13.3 beta 1 released. What's new?Image from
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There are no such problems in iOS 13.3 beta 1. Users report that everything is functioning as it should. In addition, an increase in speed was noted. Some iPhones are a little faster.

Among other things, the standard keyboard has been improved. Apple has allowed to hide the Memoji send panel. She disturbed many people.

Few? "Screen time" has learned to limit communication with certain subscribers. The “Control Point” of the iPad allows you to select AirPods Pro mode.

IOS 13.3 beta 1 released. What's new?Image from

AirPods Pro are controlled using Universal Access. As a bonus, the watch icon has been improved in Watch. Other changes in iOS 13.3 beta 1 cosmetic.

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How to install? Go to "Settings", look at "General" and find "Software Update". iOS 13.3 beta 1 will load "over the air." Stable assembly is expected in a couple of months.

Already testing? Share your impressions in the comments.

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