HomePod can be hacked with a laser pointer

Is it necessary to protect the column from unauthorized access? The question seems strange. Such gadgets, as a rule, are in the apartment. They are not touched by anyone except the household.

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Apple did not bother with passwords. Who can harm the HomePod? Alas, the "apple" device is more dangerous than many people think. This was proved by researchers from the University of Michigan.

Scientists have benefited from the help of the Japanese University of Telecommunications. They were able to identify an unusual vulnerability HomePod. Its built-in microphones are sensitive to light signals.

Simply put – HomePod perceives light as sound. It is realistic to give commands with a laser pointer for $ 18. Apple will decide that it is being accessed by voice.

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This gives attackers wide opportunities. HomePod not only plays music. The product is also connected to smart home systems. Imagine a thief ordering a column to open a garage door.

Fantasy? Well, no. The method operates at a distance of up to 110 meters. Enough for the HomePod to be visible through the window. The rest is a matter of technique (and precise guidance).

The only “but”: the hacker will need a special driver and a $ 400 audio amplifier. However, in some cases the expenses of the offender are justified.

A similar hack, experts called "Light Commands". Unfortunately, HomePod counterparts are also at risk. Amazon and Google products are no exception (like all devices with MEMS microphones).

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Before the "Light Commands" even iPhone is defenseless. Although "open" it remotely harder. All manufacturers are informed and are trying to fix the bug.

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