AirPods Pro comes in eight colors

Recently, sources said that Apple’s new wireless headphones, called AirPods Pro, will be released in late October. And today, information has appeared on the Web that they will be available in several colors, matching the colors of the new iPhone 11.

AirPods Pro comes in eight colors

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According to Chinese media reports, AirPods Pro will come in eight colors, including white, black and dark green, like the iPhone 11 Pro. Also, sources from the Middle Kingdom confirmed that the new wireless headphones will receive an active noise reduction system and waterproof housing. Prior to that, in the beta version of iOS 13.2, developers discovered an image of a previously unknown AirPods model with rubberized inlays, which are probably designed to block ambient noise.

According to rumors, Apple plans to release AirPods Pro before the start of the festive Christmas season of sales. Most likely, they will be more expensive than the current AirPods model. Chinese sources claim that the cost of the new AirPods Pro starts at $ 259, $ 100 more than the second-generation AirPods complete with a charging case.

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