The first Apple computer sold on eBay. The price is shocking

The story of Apple did not begin with the iPhone. For a long time, Apple released only computers. Remember the Mac? But the first “apple” PCs were called differently.

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At first, Jobs and Wozniak created the Apple I. They did it in the garage. What happened said in 1976. Imagine how many years have passed!

The founders of Apple have collected several dozen copies. Then Apple I could be bought for $ 666.66. Now the price of "surviving" copies is thousands of times higher.

A vivid proof of this is the eBay auction. An unusual lot appeared on it. Everyone is offered a working Apple I (which is rare). The condition is close to perfect.

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This Apple I has many advantages. The device is equipped with a Sony TV-115 monitor (on the recommendation of Jobs himself). In addition, the machine is enclosed in a Byte Shop case made of wood.

Asking for a product of 1.75 million dollars. A lot of? The thing is unique – a functioning Apple I is hard to find. It is original, without modifications. Plus, the sample was owned by only 2 people.

The last record set by Apple I is 905 thousand dollars. So much paid for a similar device in 2014. Will they take twice as much? We will find out soon.

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Recall the characteristics of Apple I. Now they seem ridiculous. Any cell phone is unimaginably more powerful. The device received a MOS 6502 processor with a clock frequency of 1 MHz.

The last iPhone has 4 GB of RAM. Apple I has only 4 KB of memory (although the expansion cards expand to 48 KB). By the way, he does not have an operating system. No equivalent macOS.

How do you like the miracle of technology? Do not want to purchase? In rubles, Apple I costs about 111 million.

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