Meet AirPods Pro: wireless noise-canceling headphones for 20,990 rubles

Sources that said that the new AirPods model will be released before the end of October turned out to be right. They guessed the name of the novelty.

Meet AirPods Pro with noise reduction for 20,990 rubles

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On Monday, October 28th, Apple quietly unveiled an updated version of its wireless headphone called AirPods Pro. This time there are much more changes than in the case of the second-generation AirPods. The headset received a completely new design with flexible ear pads made of silicone for a comfortable fit and noise reduction. AirPods Pro also has an innovative ventilation system for equalizing pressure, protection against sweat and water, an adaptive equalizer and innovative noise reduction modes.

AirPods Pro uses two microphones, one of which is designed to analyze external noise and eliminate them so that you can enjoy the music without being distracted by the outside world. And the so-called transparency mode allows you to listen to music without losing touch with the outside world, this is especially true if you are one who does not part with headphones even on the street. According to the manufacturer, AirPods Pro can work without recharging for about 5 hours in normal mode and up to 3.5 hours in active noise canceling mode. A charging case will provide the headphones an additional 24 hours of operation.

Meet AirPods Pro with noise reduction for 20,990 rubles

The start of sales of AirPods Pro is scheduled for October 30. The price of the issue is 20,990 rubles. You can buy them in the official online store of Apple, as well as in stores of official partners

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