iPhone 2020 will get a super-smooth screen with Always On Display

Apple is in no hurry to innovate. Competitors, as a rule, are in time first. They are faced with childhood technology diseases. The corporation from Cupertino acts differently.

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Take, for example, the Always On Display feature. With it, information is displayed on the off display. Energy is saved, but notifications, time, battery level and so on are visible.

This is a feature of AMOLED panels. They “light” individual LEDs for data output. Everything happens on a black background, not wasting energy.

This has long been implemented by LG, Samsung and other manufacturers. All pitfalls of the novelty are studied. It is time for Apple to release an analogue. What the company does.

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South Korean insiders are reporting the following. Always On Display will debut on the iPhone 2020. Apple will equip the flagship with an LTPO matrix – like the Apple Watch Series 5.

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Recall the main "chip" of the watch. The Apple Watch Series 5 screen never goes blank. It does not need to be included. Just in minutes of rest, the refresh rate drops to 1 Hz.

The solution great saves the battery. The chronometer works for almost a day without recharging. Previous Apple Watch didn’t. Now the method will be applied on the iPhone 2020.

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There is other good news. Sources of the DigiTimes publication revealed the second secret of the iPhone 2020. The latter is credited with a 120 Hz display. You can not worry about the smoothness of the image.

By the way, Apple already offers similar in iPad Pro. The iPhone 2020 will "inherit" 120 Hz from the tablet. Playback of games and videos will improve.

Probably 120 Hz is worth the wait on top models. It's about the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max (the names are hypothetical). The innovation will bypass the regular iPhone 12.

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As far as the rumors are true, we will find out in a year. The announcement is expected no earlier than September 2020.

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