Cannot be repaired, discarded: AirPods Pro has almost zero maintainability

This week, Apple unveiled a new model of its wireless headphones called AirPods Pro. They are more expensive than previous generations of AirPods, but with maintainability they have the same problems as their predecessors. This conclusion was reached by the specialists of the iFixit repair shop.

The guys from iFixit were among the first to gain access to the new AirPods Pro headphones and disassembled them to the last screw, carefully studying the new product and evaluating its maintainability. They called the maintainability of AirPods Pro zero, like the two original versions of AirPods. In other words, it is almost impossible to repair new headphones if they break. The reason is the one-piece design and the lack of spare parts.

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With the exception of removable silicone liners at $ 4 per pair, which provide sound insulation and a comfortable fit, the AirPods Pro design remains the same in terms of repair. However, they are one third heavier than the original AirPods. Each AirPods Pro earphone weighs 5.4 g. The charging case of the new earphones is also heavier. It weighs 45.6 g versus 38 g in the original case.

Also inside AirPods Pro, iFixit experts found a new battery instead of the pin type, like the old AirPods Pro, similar to the one installed in the Samsung Galaxy Buds. It is soldered to the cable, and therefore, in case of failure, you are unlikely to be able to replace the battery and, most likely, you will have to buy a new pair of headphones.

By the way, in the event of the loss of one of the AirPods Pro headphones, its replacement will cost $ 89, while in the case of the first and second generation AirPods, the replacement of one earphone costs $ 69. The same 89 dollars Apple asks for a lost charging case.

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