Apple's Augmented Reality headset coming out in 2020

Apple is currently developing several new products. In addition to the next generation iPhone and iPad, there is also an augmented reality headset among the new products, which fans of the brand have been waiting for a long time. Today, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg told when the long-awaited Apple-branded AR headset will hit the market.

Apple's Augmented Reality headset coming out in 2020

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According to Mark Gourmet, Apple plans to release its augmented reality headset in 2020, but it is possible that the company will again postpone its release if the product needs to be finalized. The glasses will be paired with the iPhone, connecting to it via Bluetooth. They will display various information in the owner’s field of vision, for example, messages, mail and cards.

Also, users will be able to play games wearing an augmented reality headset. Mark Gourmet also spoke about other new products, the release of which is scheduled for the end of 2020. According to him, in a year Apple will release a new smart watch Apple Watch with sleep monitoring and the first laptops or Mac computers on its own processor with ARM architecture.

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