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The need to charge the phone is annoying. I want the gadget to never land. Especially when it comes to the expensive iPhone. Alas, not all Apple devices are equally good.

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Which of the current models are long-playing? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results of a large-scale test. "Apple" products have been tested by the popular edition of PhoneArena.

The participants of the experiment were:

iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XR
iPhone 8 Plus

In total – 7 iPhones. They were driven through 3 scenarios: three-dimensional games, videos on YouTube and surfing the net. Journalists were interested in how quickly the participants were discharged.


Browsing sites in the Safari browser has brought the leadership of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The latter lasted 12 hours 53 minutes. The second in a row is the iPhone 11 (11 hours 25 minutes).

The honorable third place was won by iPhone XR. The browser emptied his battery in 11 hours 8 minutes. The achievements of others are more modest and not worth attention.

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The next step is YouTube. Apple, as it turned out, perfectly optimized the iPhone 2019. They interact perfectly with the mentioned service.

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The first cast is again the iPhone 11 Pro Max. He showed clips 8 hours 58 minutes without a break. “Silver” went to the iPhone 11, which conquered the bar at 7 hours 13 minutes.

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Who has the bronze? The iPhone 11 Pro lasted 6 hours 27 minutes on YouTube. However, the most difficult PhoneArena saved for the finals. The flagships launched a 3D game.

iPhone 11 Pro Max once again not blundered. 5 hours 18 minutes is a real record. The iPhone XR battery could not stand it after 4 hours 5 minutes. Closes the top three iPhone 11 Pro – it was enough for 3 hours 48 minutes.

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As you can see, the rating is headed by the iPhone 11 Pro Max. He won in every mode. Need an “apple” smartphone that won't let you down? Choose it.

Recall the characteristics of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. He is credited with a 3969 mAh power source. This is enough for superiority over rivals.

A 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen is also available. The display pleases with a resolution of 2688 by 1242 and TrueTone support. The processor is the 6-core Apple A13 Bionic.

Named iPhone running the longestImage from

The configuration is supplemented with 4 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of flash memory (depending on version). The main camera is a triple 12 MP. A 12 MP front lens is responsible for taking a selfie.

There is NFC that allows you to pay Apple Pay. The case is not afraid of moisture – thanks to protection IP68. As a software platform installed iOS 13.

The price, as usual, is astronomical. They ask for an iPhone 11 Pro Max from 99,990 rubles.

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