Introduced iPhone 11 Pro Superior – with Steve Jobs Turtleneck

If anyone did not know – there is such a company. It’s called Caviar. She releases luxury versions of popular smartphones. iPhone, as you know, was no exception.

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What distinguished Caviar this time? She introduced the line of iPhone 11 Pro Superior. There are 3 models in the collection with a unique design. They delight with the decoration of personal belongings of Steve Jobs, musicians of The Beatles and Muhammad Ali.

The Superior Jobs option stands out especially. Firstly, it is made in the style of the original iPhone. The same, announced in 2007.

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Secondly, Superior Pro Jobs has an impressive logo. Inside the "apple" lies a piece of Jobs's turtleneck. One of those in which he gave Apple presentations (until his death in 2011).

The back panel is made of hardened titanium. The latter was used in 2 types – blackened and ordinary (steel color). At the bottom is Steve's autograph.

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Cool, agree? However, the price is appropriate. The money for a similar iPhone 11 Pro is asking for incredible money. Basic equipment Superior Pro Jobs will cost 374 thousand rubles.

The top-end assembly based on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is even more expensive. Have to lay out at least 449 thousand rubles. Superior Pro Jobs comes in a beautiful black case. Certificate of authenticity attached.

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In terms of characteristics, there are no changes. No modifications to the "stuffing" was made. Want to buy? Then hurry up – only 9 devices are available. The quantity is limited.

Caviar also created Superior The Beatles for 690 thousand rubles. It exists in a single copy. What's interesting about the gadget? At least a back cover with a vinyl record.

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In the center of the disc are pieces of The Beatles costumes. A real gift for fans. It’s a pity, only one will get it. Better not to hesitate with the order.

The third device is designed for boxing fans. Superior Ali & Frazier is dedicated to the battle between Joe Fraser and Muhammad Ali. The main value is the pieces of equipment of the mentioned legends.

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Superior Ali & Frazier is in short supply. 3 pieces – 740 thousand rubles each. Would you take it for yourself? Write in the comments.

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