iPhone with 5G modem from Apple will be released in 2022

Now Apple is busy creating its own 5G modem for its future iPhone. It is planned to complete its development in 2022, as reported by sources of the Fast Company publication today.

iPhone with 5G modem from Apple will be released in 2022

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According to insiders, Apple plans to complete the development and testing of the 5G modem by 2022 and pass all the necessary certification to install it in the new iPhone, which will be released in the same year. However, given the volume of development and testing and possible difficulties that may arise in the process, sources call Apple's plans ambitious. The more realistic date for the completion of all work on the 5G-modem Apple they consider 2023.

It is noted that one of the main difficulties may be optimizing the modem to work in the networks of mobile operators around the world. Apple will also need to ensure compliance with international standards.

All this does not mean at all that we will not see the iPhone from 5G until 2022 or even 2023. It is expected that Apple will release the first iPhone with support for fifth-generation networks next year. And until its 5G modem is ready, the company will use Qualcomm chips.

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