How to quickly and cheaply turn an old iPhone into an iPhone 11 Pro

Like the design of the iPhone 11 Pro, but not ready to change your iPhone X or iPhone XS just for that? There is a way out! Chinese craftsmen have found a way to turn an old iPhone into a new one in just three pennies.

How to quickly and cheaply turn an old iPhone into an iPhone 11 Pro

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Externally, the iPhone 11 Pro is not much different from the iPhone X or iPhone XS. The main difference lies in the camera module, which now accommodates not two, but three sensors at once. Another, but less noticeable difference concerns the Apple logo, which is located almost in the center of the new iPhone, and not in the upper part, like its predecessor. But of course, the first glance is precisely on the camera. Realizing this, the Chinese are proposing to disguise the dual camera of the iPhone X or iPhone XS as a triple, turning the smartphone into the iPhone 11 Pro. To do this, just attach a small cover plate similar to the square iPhone 11 Pro module to the camera.

These linings can be ordered in China. They are suitable for iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The issue price is within 200 rubles. And for the iPhone XR there is a masking pad for the iPhone 11 with a dual camera. And so that the Apple logo does not betray you, just buy a protective case that will hide it. And do not give thanks!

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