Apple Watch Series 5 run down quickly: what to do?

One of the main features of the Apple Watch Series 5 introduced in September was the AlwaysOn Display function, for which Apple installed new screens that, when activated, reduce the frame refresh rate to 1 Hz. This, according to the company, made it possible to maintain the autonomy of the new smart watch at the same level, without greatly increasing the battery capacity. Apple stated that the Apple Watch Series 5 provides the same 18-hour battery life as the Apple Watch Series 4. But in reality, everything turned out not so rosy.

Apple Watch Series 5 run down quickly: what to do?

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In English-speaking forums, owners of the Apple Watch Series 5 complain of a fast battery drain. Users blame the AlwaysOn Display feature on this. For example, a MacRumors reader with the nickname Radeon85 stated that his new smart watch was running out of power very quickly until it turned off this feature.

"The battery life of the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 is very different. Of the 100% battery charge on my Apple Watch Series 5, I lost about 5% per hour without doing anything. And when I turned off AlwaysOn Display, the battery life immediately increased. for several hours I lost a maximum of 2% of the charge per hour, which almost corresponds to my old second, third and fourth generation Apple Watch. For me, AlwaysOn Display is a battery killer, "the user writes.

Owners of old Apple Watch models that switched to watchOS 6 also complain about the fast discharge of the battery. In this case, they sin on the new OS and the Noise application, because everything was fine before the update.

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Apple has not yet commented on user complaints about the rapid discharge of the Apple Watch. But we hope that soon the company will solve this problem.

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