Ghosts found in iPhone 11, and it also glows

2 weeks have passed since the release of iPhone 11. During this time, users managed to get acquainted with the news. To their surprise, they presented a couple of surprises.


The first "trick" is found in the usual iPhone 11. The fact is that it shines in the dark. From top to bottom. If you turn on the flashlight, the back panel lights up.

This is especially noticeable around the edges. How did Apple do this? It's all about special coverage. In a single piece of glass on the back cover. Near the flash it is dull, which is why the light "spreads".

What about the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max? They also have something similar. However, to a lesser extent. It is more beautiful on the iPhone 11.

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Check at home yourself. Apple should be praised for a bold idea. Or is everything happening – an accident?

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In addition, the iPhone 11 "pleases" the owners with ghosts. Not real, of course, but in the photo. Images are full of artifacts – in the form of glare and reflections.

Complaints about the anomalies filled the entire Weibo (Chinese social network). Messages are massive. On iPhone 11, glitches occur in the evening and at night. What's the trouble? The flagship can not cope with shooting against light sources.

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The bug most often torments the owners of the iPhone 11 Pro. Experts suggest that the design of the camera is to blame. Probably, the modules are not located in the most optimal way.

Something similar happened with the first Google Pixel. Fortunately, the error was resolved programmatically. After the update, the distortion disappeared.

Alas, Apple does not promise anything. Is the company aware of the situation? I want to believe that yes. Fans of the California giant can only wait for an update.

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How is your iPhone 11 doing? Share your impressions in the comments.

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