Apple has banned rolling back on iOS 12.4.1 and iOS 13.1.1

Cupertino does not like old firmware. Does the device support the new version? Only use it. You can return to the previous OS in a limited period of time.

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A vivid illustration of this is iOS 12.4.1. It is reported that Apple has banned rollback to this assembly. Run away with iOS 13 will not work (if already installed).

Fans had 3 weeks after the release of iOS 13. Who wanted to – abandoned it. The rest will have to forget about iOS 12.4.1. She has already become history.

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This applies to everyone – not just the owners of the iPhone. With iPad tablets, the same thing happens. Apple suggests mastering iPadOS 13 instead of iOS 12.4.1.

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However, with iOS 13 is not so simple. Trouble came from where they did not wait. Suddenly, Apple stopped signing iOS 13.1.1. The main option is iOS 13.1.2 (which debuted a few days ago).

What happened is unusual. Expected to "close" iOS 13.1. However, Apple left it available. Sanctions are imposed only on iOS 13.1.1. Presumably due to a critical error.

What kind of bug we are talking about is unknown. It is only clear that the disappearance of iOS 13.1.1 will solve the problem.

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